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Teacher and Practitioner ofthe Voltaic Witchcraft Method


I am a Voltan Witch practicing Voltaic Witchcraft. This method of practice is built upon the cycles of Italian Witchcraft, Transpersonal Psychology, Neo-Hermeticism, Eastern Energy Disciplines, Tarot, Planetary Magick, Astrological Symbolism, Quantum Magick, Neo-Animism, Panpsychism, Biocentrism, and the ancient Greco/Roman Ethic; there is a close tie to Greek cosmology and folklore. Several of the Greek gods, goddesses, spirits, and narrative plays a part in the description of the Voltaic “Witch’s Secret Consciousness”. There is an element of Vietnamese Taoist witchcraft and philosophy creating a natural outline for working with balanced energies and forces. Vietnamese cosmology has a strong feminine element and even today, these practices thrive. We have incorporated Taoist elements for crafting talismans, meditation, and the use of ritual and spell casting teas.

Many ask me what I would label it and the closest I have been able is “Neo-Italian Witchcraft” . Neo because much of the Voltaic method is modern, scientific and fits well into the framework of quantum mechanics and modern philosophy.

I am a “Goddess Adornist" and in my work, the Goddess Archetype is primary. This is not to disengage the equal balance of opposites. This has to do with our Transpersonal approach in relationship to the Universal. The feminine principle being cyclic moves like a fluid at every level of the natural world around us. Even at the very base of consciousness, the female principle is what “Holds the Universe.” The Voltaic Witchcraft Goddess framework is very openly referenced as we draw from multiple disciplines, folklores, and spiritual texts from around the world and across the centuries. We work with the energies of Hekate, Artimus, Circe and several other feminine archetypes. We live to reawakening the ancient Greek “Orphic Mysteries” in a new form of self-empowerment and witchcraft practice.

Most of what we observe in the stars is cyclic within some form of infinite space (or womb). These “rhythmic currents” are everywhere from the smallest quarks to the swirls of galaxies. The feminine principle is the foundation for all-natural cycles. Natural cycles including day, night, seasons, moon cycles, solstices, equinoxes, and the precession of Astrology. It is the cyclic power of all the 4 elements of fire, water, air, and earth (the 5th element or activating element is the male principal). These living energetic cycles empower a witch’s spell to work. We move our intentions into this great stream of potential outcomes like a river through life. The “birth” or manifestation of our intentions are given life within the body of the goddess. Goddess-based practice can be highly effective through unifying with these powerful circuits of Universal Cycles.

We are deeply connected to the cycles of Mother Earth. Our circadian rhythms are tuned into the earth’s resonance as well as our creative ritual “Alpha” brain states (Schumann Resonance). At the deepest levels you are connected through your imaginative, energetic, and astral “Light Body”. This “Light Body” is fused with the electromagnetic forces of nature and a circuitry that witches become sensitive to.

Your body is teaming with these rhythmic cycles and your thoughts and imagination are driven by them. Thoughts and actions are full of “habits” that are learned over time. Habits are just more cycles and by unifying with higher forces, you can easily change them. There is one endless fabric from the smallest particles to your body’s rhythms, to the earth spinning around the sun. A Voltan Witch works directly with these currents and thereby lives in communion with the Goddess.

There is much that should be shared on the balance of male and female energy in equalization and will be discussed in other essays. There is no predominance of one over the other, but Voltaic Witchcraft and my practice focuses as Goddess as “Origin” or “Primary”. Within this body of eternity is the play of Pan and his Nymph companions amongst the power and mystery of life. Male and female are eternally at play and must be balanced within the womb of the Goddess as we evolve.


Although bloodline is not what makes you a Witch, I do have an interesting family history. My great grandmother was a full Mapuche Indian from the Patagonia lands of Chile. The Mapuche never conceded to the colonial Spanish nor to the Chilean government and are still to this day sovereign. South American Indigenous cultures all recognize witchcraft as a genuine force of nature. Even today the largest witches’ market in the world is in Bolivia. The very last witch trials anywhere in the Americans was in 1880 against a group of Mapuche witches. When I was researching the witch trials in colonial America, the witches of Southern Chile were not only real but a real threat. Even in ancient Egypt witchcraft was used in warfare and here in South America centuries later ten Mapuche witches went on trial. And yes, they were using it against the enemies of their tribe.

The Mapuche Goddess Kushe in their creation story was both mother and bride to the Creator god. She was primary and first cause as so many indigenous cultures and old religions have stated. You can see this thriving and alive through the Indian Goddess Shakti whose worship resulted in many forms of Tantric and Kundalini Yoga practices. The most surprising for me was that the Mapuche Goddess name “Kushe” actually translates as “Witch”. In more ancient Mapuche practices, this was deeply connected to the Moon and the Earthen power of the feminine current.

Amongst the Mapuche in modern and ancient times women were more connected to the “Other World”. Today they are called “Machi” and are considered Shamans or Good Witches. Still, they do not differentiate what powers are accessed whether doing good or evil although they have fallen to colonial labels. A witch using the forces of nature for good or ill accesses the same powers and realms in their earliest pre-colonial practices. Under Spanish pressure they began labeling those enacting harm as “Witches” following the colonial inquisition and policy of the Catholic Church.


I grew up in a household that was highly religious and strict in their discipline of practice. My family belonged to a church of “alternative Christianity” with many occult practices formed in the creative revivals of early America. My ancestors were some of the first members and it is a major part of my family history. Although I left this world behind and purposely removed my name from their records my childhood was filled with their teachings. Many of their principals were taken from esoteric sources which became even more evident as I studied later in life. Not surprisingly their founder was proven to be a ceremonial magician, an active mason and died with the layman of Jupiter around his neck. From his journal entries were found pages of imagery and sigil work taken from “The Magus” by Francis Barret, a publication he had access to. He produced magical operations recorded in full detail that were undeniably initiated through ceremonial means. This was all revealed in a book written by D. Michael Quinn concerning this group’s magical roots in early America. Aleister Crowley even mentioned their founder in a positive light which gave me a laugh when I read it.

In this belief system they teach that one receives personal revelation in visions of light and truths revealed through dreams. They hold a holy priesthood giving one power equal to their god to heal and bless others. They have magical garments with special symbolic markings to protect one from evil. Each local group has a “patriarch” who acts like a shaman and fortune teller. They see into the deep past of a member revealing their linage and into their future revealing their mission in life. In their cosmology you progress to the highest of glory and become an actual god yourself. They say their god was once a man. All very esoteric ideas.

Both my parents had several supernatural experiences credited to their beliefs which they shared with us. My mother’s stories seemed impossible and fantastic, but I believed her. My father would quite often have visions at night while dreaming just to gather the family the next day to proclaim their significance. Quite the ripe breeding ground for a developing interest in the witchcraft and the occult. Although basic and corrupt I was already steeped in the ideas of special powers, initiations, and a secret system of progression. Today I would never entertain their system of belief as it is riddled with false claims, prejudice, idealism, anti-science propaganda and a separatist political mindset.


At 16 years old when visiting a friend’s home in the small town of Saint Anthony Idaho I was first exposed to magick when I borrowed“The Confessions of Aleister Crowley”. I remember that same day he demonstrated something that I still use quite often to help people feel the magnetic field between their hands. This triggered several memories of psi experiences I had as a child over the next several days as I read Crowley’s book. Being early in my experience I brushed most of it off, but from here forward my interest peaked on the subject. The second book I read was Francis King’s “Techniques in High magick '' the summer I turned 17. This was the first book where I found some practical application of the art. From here I bought my first Tarot card set (Thoth) and began studying divination and Tarot symbolism. This led me straight into the overwhelming richness that Tarot offers leading me to the study of Pagan traditions and eventually Witchcraft. I had no idea the next few years would shape my destiny leading in finality to developing the Voltaic Witchcraft Method.


Having moved to Salt Lake City Utah and at the age of 18, I was sleeping on the couch of a friend late into the morning one day. I had a vision in a dream and saw a book that I needed to get my hands on. At this time the Golden Braid bookstore was just around the corner from the apartment I was staying at. I saw right where it is sitting on the shelf in my dream. I shot up and went straight to the bookstore. I only had $11 left to my name and was not even sure what I was looking for. I went straight to the shelf where this book was located. It was the Summum “Sealed Except to the Open Mind” and I spent the very last money I had to get it. It was exactly $11 and the clerk let me off on the taxes.

This was a rewriting of what was to become one of the most influential works in my magic and witchcraft career, the Kybalion. The Kybalion was an inspired work on hermetic principles written by William Walker Atkinson and a large influence on the occultist Paul Foster Case (Founder of B.O.T.A.). Much of my early training in meditation were rooted in this system and its principles. Summum offered a more complete vision of these principles having updated them from the original. In Voltaic Witchcraft these principals form the foundation to the Panpsychist Goddess approach to the “Infinite Living Mind” of nature. At the time I had also picked up Liber Aleph by Aleister Crowley, Instant ESP by David St. Clair, WICCA a guide for the solitary practitioner by Cunningham and started reading Carlos Castaneda. It was the Castaneda series that got me interested in more natural magick, shamanism and Pagan lore early on.

I looked in the back of the Summum book and found that the group was in Salt Lake City! I found my way to their location just to learn they had built a two-story high pyramid where they held classes and meditation sessions. For some time over two years until I was 20, I submitted myself to assisting in the pyramid grounds so that I could spend more time with the teachers. At the time, their founder was still alive, and I was able to spend some time with him and my favorite teacher Su Menu.

I went through the required programs and was initiated into their order where I began studying meditation and attending all their events. This was the first time I was exposed to the true transmutation and talismanic power of concentrated thought. Within their pyramid was a gigantic wine vat that they meditated on for days and even weeks. They instilled vibratory energy into the wine while it was fermenting. They had different types, but all were called the “Nectar Publications” and after turning 21 I worked with these quite a bit. When you would open the wine, you would see sugar crystals that had shaped into tiny pyramids under the cork and at the bottom of the wine. They were such a powerful tool that just a sip and you would be placed in an altered state. Hard to explain without trying this yourself. Although the wines were clearer and balanced, they were similar to the effects of microdosing psychoactive mushrooms.

Working with the Summum group I learned discipline of thought, dedication to the practice of meditation and built a special relationship with Sue, the teacher who initiated me into the order. The Summum principals have continued to be part of my practice. Although not officially recognized their system is part of the new thought movement and a form of Neo-Hermeticism. Sue Menu is still there as the steward of the pyramid and I visit when I can to catch up as old friends. She was the teacher that first exposed me to the work of OSHO which I will forever be indebted. His work has been a constant companion throughout my practice from that day until now.

Later on, I joined as a correspondence student of the B.O.T.A. system and came across Paul Foster Case’s work on the Kybalion. Aside from my self-study into Crolwey’s Thoth Tarot this was my first serious study into Tarot esoteric philosophy. It was my constant companion through my initial studies on Tarot as I was receiving my packets every month. Since that time, I have worked diligently to master the many faucets of Tarot, it’s uses and history.


As a young and enthusiastic seeker in my 20s I was mixing magick, ritual drumming, pagan symbolism, and dance. I had begun experimenting with multiple modalities and practices. For example, I offered drum healing sessions after I threw Tarot to discover the energetic needs of a participant. I read book after book on shamanism, everything from the entire Carlos Casteneda fictional series to serious anthropological studies and research. This led from indigenous practices to Pagan folk lore and then directly to the wonders of Witchcraft.

A big part of what drove this experience was the hours I spent every weekend drumming and dancing in the burning sun. I have quite the background as a musician, not one worth posting here, but one instrument I played was the djembe drum. With some other drummers and eventually several dancers we started a phenomenon in Liberty Park in Salt Lake City that persists to this day. We began a weekly drum circle that eventually filled with over 30 drummers and twice that many spectators and dancers. It grew larger every week and on one occasion we were able to hold hands and surround the entire park section we met at. At that time there must have been over 400 participants and north of 50+ drummers. Many of the same faces came every week and the drumming became more organized and rhythmic. The energy was incredible. I began switching off drumming with dancing and being as involved in shamanism as I was at the time, I focused my energy on the ecstasy and vision work I was reading about. After a time, I began to have powerful lucid

I also had a chance to work with three different native medicine healers from local tribes. One was a Native American healer living in Salt Lake I had heard a lot about. I paid what little money I had at the time for his council. Instead of any healing sessions as he normally did, at my request he spent the time teaching me how to perform native American ceremony. Another, who was a Shoshoni woman traditionally trained as a shaman for a few years, helped me dig and build my first sweat lodge in my backyard. The third surprising enough, ended up being my neighbor in a duplex I lived in. He was the Medicine Man for three tribes including the Bannock of Eastern Idaho who were local to me growing up. He was living in Salt Lake City selling his t-shirt art and sending the money earned back to his people. We would spend many nights sitting on the porch together talking about the native American healing arts and the nature of life. These were some of my favorite evenings and memories and I was lucky to have this council for the months we lived as neighbors.


In 1995 I attended UCMT, which at the time was the second top school in the world for holistic body work. I graduated at the top of my class and began an energy medicine and holistic body work practice. In and out of school I have worked with over 300 clients providing a variety of different healing modalities. I was trained in advanced massage therapy (several forms), hydrotherapy, deep tissue massage, anatomy/physiology, advanced structural realignment, several energy modalities, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, shiatsu, Feldenkrais, chi-gong and kundalini yoga. Although through my earlier training in magick I was already working with the Astral light and other “fields” it was at school where my interest in the human energy field really took off.

While at school I had many wonderful teachers in various subject matter. Surprisingly, the mentors that had the largest impact on me were not faculty. One was a woman there as a student trained in several energy modalities, was in her 50s and continuously attended different colleges for the last 30 years. She had certificates and graduate degrees in numerous subjects from both traditional and alternative colleges from all over the world. Up until my meeting with her I could always feel the human energy field and understood much about related occult forces. She saw something different in me I had yet to discover myself. She intuitively recognized my ability to see the human energy field. Through a series of events, she demonstrated how to see, interact, and work with the field. This all started one day in class when we were watching a student walk to determine where she was holding too tight in her muscular system. She put her arm on my shoulder and pointed toward her knee and said “look”. There was an iridescent fountain rising from the student’s knee. She then instructed me to go and ask her about this. She had injured and tore her knee terribly in a sports injury and was still suffering. From there she taught me on the side during school to recognize color, vibrance, sickness, strong fields and those that are suffering. Included in her instruction was the ability to see photosynthesis and the geomagnetic field in nature. (Something I teach in our retreats.)

The second teacher was my after-class kundalini yoga instructor. He spent many days after class speaking to me about the rise of energy and what kundalini was about. The exercises in kundalini I practiced diligently the entire time I was in school. This is what led me on an academic path learning everything I could about Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. And again, running into the Goddess in the form of the Indian Shakti. This led to a total integration of Eastern Principles into the Voltaic Witchcraft Method and finding incredible teachers like OSHO.


I began going through something energetically that was causing many things to start accelerating in my life. I was doing several hours of bodywork and practice during the day and then studied for hours in my parking booth job. I was completely inundated with energy work and study into witchcraft, magick and the occult for most my waking hours. Things began to shift for me. Not all positive, including the loss of friends, trouble with sleep, some intense flu like symptoms and other disturbances that seemed to not give me a day off. I could tell something was “cleaning out” in my psyche.

Then one day it all cumulated. I was sitting in the back of anatomy and physiology class and suddenly everyone’s energy body just lit up all at once. Before I would have to concentrate to see it, but it had become fully visible on all the 40 or so class members. The teacher, a staunch disbeliever in energy medicine and the anatomy professor from the nearby university had a sickening green color on his back. I went up to him as class was leaving and said, “You’re sick, something is wrong with your back” He wide eyed looked at me and stated “That is correct. I have issues with my spine, and I experience a lot of pain.” Upon leaving the building and getting outside I was in shock. I could see the geomagnetic field around every living thing without any effort. So much that I felt like I was on some alien planet. The trees, bushes, animals, people, anything with life was all connected by this field and surrounded by it. I could see energy globules photosynthesizing in mass by the vegetation. This was all happening in a grand intense unified field all around me. To this day I credit this moment to a Kundalini awakening from all my intense body work and study. Since that day I am still able to see and work with these fields and have much more control over them. As far out as this may sound, I have been able to teach my students this in just a weekend retreat.

All these things happened in the year 1995 and my early 20s ignited a deep passion for learning. I decided to dedicate my life to the mysteries of magick, witchcraft and the science of living. During this same year I became close friends with a long-standing member of the O.T.O. A magical organization based on the Thelemic philosophies of Aleister Crowley. He and I embarked on a series of rituals, Tarot work and long into the night discussion about the nature of reality. 1995 was a pivotal year and the beginning of the journey which has now manifested today as the Voltaic Witchcraft Method. I knew there was something in the practice of witchcraft, magick, spell work and the use of ritual that could open the hidden secrets of nature. I continued diving into even deeper mysteries and after 2 decades I have developed methods that WORK. I have hundreds of successful spell crafting and ritual operations to date.


I continued to study and practice every day and built my first ritual chamber in the basement of my house just before starting school in 1995. I began performing regular pentagram banishing, middle pillar, and other rituals. I started keeping journals, developed personal grimoires, compendiums and got into the habit of regular practice. I accumulated quite the library of over 500 titles in the occult, witchcraft, pagan studies, meditation, eastern philosophy, psi science, psychology, shamanism, and western mysteries-based books throughout my 20s. For a 4-year period while I was finishing school and building my holistic body work practice (more on this below) I was employed full time as a parking attendant. The parking lots I worked were full of monthly subscribers. I mostly just waved as people used their cards to get in and out. This gave me hours a day free to read and study. I poured through hundreds of titles, making notes, and taking it all serious as if I were in some invisible college. I filled notebook after notebook with quotes and ideas. I looked forward to work every day because it had become my sanctuary of study and research. Attempting to estimate this would have been 5,000 hours give or take that I was gifted with to become a student of the universe.

Regrettably at the age of 27 I sold my entire library as I was needing to pay for rent and food. Such a sad day as I had many books that today would be considered rare and worth hundreds to thousands of dollars. Since then, I have amassed over 1,200 titles, hundreds of research papers and journals continuing my deep study to this day. A Voltan Witch requires many different disciplines and rigorous practice, but one that is never ending is a passion for scholarship. The depth and possibilities to our current reality are endless, you must study continuously and to this day I still consider myself an enthusiastic student. I have my nose in a book at least once if not several times a day.

In 1999 I took off with my then girlfriend in a VW bus to explore the Pacific North West (how I obtained this bus was through magic ritual.) During our trip there I took every opportunity to perform ritual work. One of the most powerful experiences I ever had performing the Middle Pillar was while we were driving through the 40-mile canyon in Northern Idaho. It was mountains and trees in a vertical on both sides and we stopped somewhere in the middle. As I was practicing mostly High Magick at the time, I climbed the side of the mountain and did a full banishing then middle pillar and closed with another banishing. It was the most intense it has ever been, and it was here that I realized the overwhelming power of nature and goddess energy. This is not the place to talk about the experience, but it was unforgettable and the beginning of some of my most intense work. We ended this trip in Salem Oregon where I took a job as a manager on a shiitake and oyster mushroom farm. We stayed on the farm in our VW bus. There was a huge open building, and the owner was friendly to my practices in Magick and Witchcraft. I was able to utilize the building for ritual and continued my practice every day and evening while I was working there. This was the first continuous work that I did lasting over 5 full months.

After this point I moved on to management careers and continued my work in holistic health. In 2000 I put together some of my first classes where I taught in new age and occult bookstores subjects in Tarot, Kabbalah and Goddess Cosmology. I met one of my lifelong friends at one of my classes. He and I would meet every morning for months and talk about witchcraft, magick, meditation and spirituality. He is still one of my favorite people and we speak often. It was from these initial classes that I began working seriously on the development of a new system.

I was always interested in technology and the new computer science of the internet and in 2002 I started a web development company. (more on that below) During this time I was continued to work with witchcraft and magick and entered a deeply personal relationship with the universe experimenting with ideas, combining techniques, and recording my results. This has led up to the blending of the Voltaic method of empowerment with the spell crafting and casting of the Witch. Although they could be considered synchronic frameworks, I was finally led through this work to divorce the Abrahamic magics and concentrate on the Italian and Greek Ethics. Although if you fancy a conversation about Kabbalah, I do love that subject by a fireside.


Since the early history mentioned above, I have engaged in spell crafting, casting, divination and various kinds of occult arts on more than 2,500 occasions (estimated). If I have done anything to bring value to the student, it is sticking diligently to the practice for over the past 25 years with fewer breaks in-between than most. This includes many long continuous sets of daily ritual, spell crafting and development of “magical” powers or “witch talents”. At times pouring through books filled with symbols and correlations, herbs, stones, planets and crafting rituals and spells. At other times focusing on divination, study of the Tarot and delving deep into the energy modalities of both East and West. I have worked mostly as a solitary practicing Witch and Mage. My teachers became the many authors of books, experiences with life, the guidance of higher intelligence and nature herself. I have at times involved myself with other witches, magicians and spiritual thinkers making fast lifelong friends, but over all my practice has remained private and personal.

Among much of the success I have experienced is:

Crafting, formulating, and casting hundreds of spells

healing myself and others of disease

Perceiving the auric fields of light around people and the geo-magnetic fields found in nature

Perceiving photosynthesis

Seeing into future events through dream work

Witness to fantastic revelations in visions of light

Experiencing and manipulating the astral light

Empowering crystals, sigils, talismans, amulets, and other objects

Divining current and future circumstances

Manifesting desires into reality through spell work

Purifying and creating incredible change in personality

Experiencing psychokinetic influences and some exploration into remote viewing and clairaudience

Connecting with the Currents and Geo-magnetic fields of Nature

I have performed several successful operations, some of which were immediate in their outcome and others that took years to realize. We discuss much of this and our methodology in our classes and retreats. I used spell work to manifest needed physical objects with great specificity and change the nature of relationships and situations.

One worth mentioning is my business career developed over the last 18 years. I have seen so many witches and magicians I respect and love selling their books and lessons in financial desperation. Knowing I would be spending the later part of my life pursuing the occult I refused to do this myself. I focused a portion of my ritual work towards setting myself up to focus on the Voltaic Witchcraft Method without the restraint of financial obligations.

Currently I own and operate a business development and web engineering company with 30 employees and 7 joint venture partners. We have created 2,000+ technology and marketing-based projects since 2004. These include major platform builds for 7 of the INC 500. I performed over 100 operations in tarot divination and planetary ritual guiding my professional life towards this self-sustaining goal. It was especially important that the result was humanitarian in nature and that what I did for the first half of my life was meaningful. As fate would have it, I am now developing technology in the medical industry and my team has turned their focus towards preventative detection software that could save thousands of lives. This not only allows me to turn focus towards Voltaic Witchcraft, but the humanitarian effort has maximized with my company. We will be opening a nonprofit division building websites and software for other nonprofits desperately needing our level of work all over the country. And because of this work I will never have to make money to survive as a teacher and Coven.

Witchcraft and Magick are my life. I spend a part of everyday possible engaging with the energies of the Goddess and the practice of spell craft. As one person may use motivational videos and a visit to the gym every day to garner similar results in their business. I am a Magus. I use spell crafting, magick, divination, meditation, and ritual and stand proud as a Voltan Witch.


(School in development for over a decade. A new paradigm in light of the age of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child.)

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